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Troglodytic habitat

Hábitat Troglodita Almagruz (Almagruz Troglodytic Habitat) is an Innovating Tourist Complex, it's a set of human habitats going from Prehistoric establishments to Contemporary Rural Lodgings cave-house.

It's a very strategic enclave, located in the shore of the Fardes river, with direct access to the A-92 in km 286, it borders on zone object of special protection the archaeological zone of La Cuesta del Negro and excellent Place of the Purullena Bad-Land.

Cortijo Almagruz is right to the entrance to the Guadix Hollow, only 48 km to Granada (see map) where begins the east radius of Bioclimatic Architecture of the northeast of Granada, one of the more representative troglodytic areas of the Peninsula. They extend by all the Eastern sector corresponding to the Intrabetic furrow that corresponds with the regions of Guadix, Baza and Huéscar.

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Hispania Estudio-2
La escuela de Español para extranjeros Hispania Estudio-2 organiza cursos de inmersión en nuestro complejo.

Tratamientos termales en el Balneario de Graena (aguas minero-medicinales), situado a tan solo 5 Km.

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