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Interpretation Centre

In order to complete the exhibition and interpretation of the trades, tasks, tools, popular games, wardrobe, habitat etc. in Cortijo Viejo Almagruz, we have three cave rooms, dug in the clay of the cliff.

  • Room for multiples uses: presentation, analysis, synthesis, visit preparation, multimedia products ...
  • Central Room- circular vault: Different cultures, habitats, ways of life..
  • Room of artistic Techniques: mud, esparto, looms, wool, silk, embroidery...

We have several pedagogical and didactic projects of curricular nature.

  • Silk cycle
  • The egg
  • Bioclimatic influence on human habitat
  • Troglodytic habitat evolution
  • Prehistory
  • Yesterday and today
  • Ecosystems
  • Olive (tree)-olive grove-olive-oil
  • Peach-peach tree
  • ...

Developed under a constructivist approach, they emerge from the needs of the group and its previous knowledge.

Some projects have been put into practice or developed by the CEIP "Seseña y Benavente" with students of childhood and primary education coordinated by Dulce María Jiménez Requena, in charge of the work group. Some of the projects have been presented as Innovation Projects or Projects of "Madrid con la Ciencia" (Madrid with the Science) and have been award-winning or subsidized by the Comunidad de Madrid. From the Interpretation Centre Almagruz (Purullena-Guadix-Granada) we want to extend these initiatives to a more direct context in order to enrich the projects and communicate our researches and experiences with a major number of people.

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